• BitYota gives us the ability to spot trends, patterns and insights spanning all of our data, which we simply couldn’t achieve before. As we strive to connect data from a wider variety of services, identify industry averages and breakdown data silos, using the BitYota DWS and Rackspace Hybrid Cloud gives us the warehousing and compute capabilities that we—and our 100,000 small business users—need to succeed.

    Dane Atkinson
    CEO of SumAll, SaaS data web analytics tool for small businesse

  • BitYota allowed us to seamlessly upload event data from our daily MongoDb backups into their Data Warehouse Service and make it directly available for SQL-based, ad-hoc analysis for our agency partners and account managers. Without BitYota, our business people were stuck waiting for my team to answer their campaign questions about user engagement, KPIs and other insights. For each question, we had to create a custom program that ran against a copy of our MongoDB instance and send them the results. BitYota eliminates what was a big headache for my team - allowing us to focus on building the best loyalty program platform in the world and not on data infrastructure.

    Mehdi Ait Oufkir
    Co-Founder and CTO of PunchTab, a leading loyalty program platform

  • Agnitus' gaming model consists of multiple games that are tailored to the individual learning habits of each child. Before BitYota, it was incredibly challenging to extract meaningful data to understand how children are progressing as they play. BitYota enables us to fully customize data queries directly, making it easy to generate reports anytime and anywhere the company needs. Fast, customized reporting means that I can focus less on data management and more on understanding how to improve our games to better support children's success in school.

    Lance Vikaros
    Executive Director of Education of Agnitus, a leading developer of touch enabled learning apps for children

  • For Cognitive Match, the decision to test-drive BitYota was all about productivity. The BitYota Data Warehouse Service is quick and easy to setup and seamlessly plug into our existing data infrastructure. This means no additional burden on our engineering team or operational systems at all. Best of all, the SQL92-compliant interface meant our analysts can query data without any additional training or limitations.

    Alex Kelleher
    CEO of Cognitive Match, a leading dynamic ad optimization company