• Dev PatelCEO

    Dev was VP at Yahoo! for six years managing several ad products and data systems. Dev was the former CEO of Whereonearth, the company Yahoo! bought in October 2005 for its geo targeting needs. Prior to Whereonearth he was in the Corporate & Business Development team at Racal Electronics, a major Telco and Defense conglomerate in the UK. Prior to the Corp Dev role, he was at Racal Labs and in academic research as a Research Fellow and PhD student.

  • Harmeek Singh BediCTO

    Harmeek brings 15+ years of experience in building database technologies at Oracle, Informix/IBM. At Oracle he was a lead architect in the server technology group that implemented partitioning, parallel execution, storage management and SQL execution of the database server. Prior to BitYota, he spent 2+ years at Yahoo! working on Hadoop and Big Data problems. Harmeek holds 10+ patents in database technologies.

  • Soren RiiseChief Cloud Services

    Soren's early tech experience was to build control systems for rockets for the European Space Agency. He went on to build real-time systems at British Telecom and Kabira/Tibco. He was the CTO for Whereonearth whose technology is the basis of Yahoo’s geo targeting platform. At Yahoo! he managed Big Data targeting technologies. Soren holds 20+ patents in a cross range of technologies.

  • Poulomi DamanyVP Product

    Poulomi brings 15+ years of Product Management Experience in Enterprise Data. Prior to BitYota, she led global product and engineering teams delivering Yahoo’s custom ad targeting, listings recommendations and branded experiences. Prior to Yahoo!, she ran Product Management teams for the High Availability & Disaster Recovery product lines at Symantec/Veritas.