Data Warehouse as a Service

Load and analyze fast changing data from multiple sources


No hardware, no software, no system to manage

Built for the Cloud, BitYota’s Data Warehouse as a Service solution takes the headache out of having to set up and manage another data platform. With BitYota you can get up and running in minutes. Just choose your cloud provider and desired type of machine configuration and we’ll get your Data Warehouse up and running. As your needs change, add or remove nodes from your cluster or change machine configurations. As a fully managed solution, we take care of the system itself. We monitor, manage, provision, and scale your data platform, so that you can focus on what’s important – analyzing your data.

Data Warehouse as a Service
Run SQL over JSON

Familiar Query Language

Running analytics should not require learning a new language, or developers writing custom code. Whether you are a data scientist, engineer, business analyst or product manager, BitYota’s support for standard ANSI SQL allows you to query your data using a familiar language. Use SQL OLAP operators or script based user-defined functions (UDFs) for complex analysis including joins, aggregations, window functions, etc.

Works with your BI tool of choice

BitYota integrates with popular Business Intelligence tools using standard ODBC / JDBC API’s. Using a standard interface, BitYota provides customers with the flexibility to use any of the main SQL/BI tools (such as Tableau, SQL Workbench, and more) for dashboards and visualized results, with no additional setup or programming required.

SQL Queries to BI Tool

Simple, pay per use, pricing

Pay only for the resources you use. No upfront costs or long-term commitments. Coupled with BitYota’s elastic separation of storage and compute, users can expand and contract capacity as needed, BitYota pricing enables you to align your data analytics costs with your changing business needs. Just as we believe a product should be simple to use, we believe pricing should be simple to understand. BitYota’s pricing is designed to help customers quickly identify the best pricing option for their specific needs.


No need for data transformation!

One of the main inhibitors for fast analytics is the need to transform the data before storing it in your analytics system. In a world where applications change constantly, data arriving from multiple sources, and in different formats, means that companies often find themselves either spending too much time on data transformation projects or face “broken” analytics systems. BitYota stores and analyzes the data in its native format thus eliminating the need for laborious, time-consuming data transformation processes. Doing away with data transformation provides our customers with fast analytics, maximum flexibility, and complete data fidelity.

Real Time Analytics

Get insights in minutes

With BitYota there is no need to create schemas or upfront data modeling. Our innovative SQL over JSON technology, allows customers to run ad-hoc queries directly on their multi source, semi structured data. Whether you know what questions you are interested in asking or not, whether your data comes from one source or many, with BitYota you can start gaining critical business impacting insights in minutes.

Real-time data feeds for fast analytics

The BitYota Events Service is a unified way of funneling data from live data sources. Our customers collect data directly from a wide variety of mobile, tablet and desktop devices, web browsers and OS platforms into BitYota’s Data Warehouse Service, using a standards-based API, and platform specific SDKs.


Elastic up and down scaling

BitYota’s unique MPP-style analytics engine allows you to scale elastically by adding nodes to meet your specific analytics needs. The separation of compute and storage, provides customers with the ultimate flexibility to choose the most efficient system to accommodate their growing application’s needs.

Scale Analytics
Multi Sourced Data

Scale to support a growing number of data sources

As companies grow so do the number of sources they will need / want to analyze. From social media, through web, and product usage information. BitYota’s ability to analyze multi source data, provides customers the flexibility to expand their analytics to include additional data sources, without the need for long development projects. Just send the semi-structured data originated at the new source to BitYota and start analyzing it.



Test Drive BitYota

Developer Node


  • 1 TB Storage
  • 16 vCPUs
  • 30 GB RAM
  • Disk I/O: Very High
  • One-time offer: 1 node free for first 30 days

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Configurable as Data or Compute Nodes

Data Node


  • 6 TB Storage
  • 32 vCPUs
  • 60 GB RAM
  • Network: 10 GB Ethernet
  • Disk I/O: Very High

Compute Node


  • 32 vCPUs
  • 60 GB RAM
  • Network: 10 GB Ethernet

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