Press Releases

BitYota Delivers Performance Cloud-based Data Analytics for JSON data from MongoDB
December 10th, 2013
BitYota’s Data Warehouse Service Available for High Performance Analytics on JSON data from MongoDB with Elastic Compute Power to Serve Fast-Paced Mobile, Web, Gaming and Ad Tech Needs Mountain View, Calif. (December 10, 2013)—Data Warehouse Service (DWS) provider BitYota today announced its offering to deliver greater performance and interactive analysis on native JSON data from MongoDB using SQL. ObjectRocket, a Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE: RAX) company provides MongoDB as a service. The new solution is the first of its kind, designed to meet the high-velocity analytics needs of today’s mobile, web, and gaming apps that rely on schemaless JSON to keep their data together. BitYota’s DWS is available for the Rackspace/ObjectRocket’s MongoDB service from Object Rocket, a Rackspace company, to incrementally extract, load and store documents in BSON format from customers’ MongoDB instances into BitYota’s DWS running on Rackspace Cloud Servers, powered by OpenStack. This data is then immediately available – to view, to analyze, to aggregate and join with something else, as desired, all using SQL. No need for a complex ETL process and no need to modify anything, even if the JSON attributes change over time. This capability enables developers to gain deeper insights quickly by through interactive adhoc…
BitYota Launches Data Warehouse-as-a-Service at Amazon’s AWS Re:Invent Conference
November 28th, 2012
Emerging from Stealth Mode, Leading VC-Funded Start-up offers SaaS-model Data Warehousing platform to free Big Data from the shackles of Big Costs and Big Headaches MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (November 28, 2012) – BitYota, a new Silicon Valley-based start-up, today emerged from stealth mode by unveiling its data warehouse-as-a-service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) at the inaugural AWS re:Invent Conference. Hand selected by AWS to be spotlighted at the conference, BitYota is designed to run on cloud infrastructure without compromising functionality or scalability. BitYota’s Service will first be available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with expansion plans in the future. Built from the ground up, BitYota unites the feature-rich functionality of a full-scale data warehouse with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Amazon’s cloud infrastructure empowering any company to unleash the value of their data to gain insights and make better business decisions. “Companies across every spectrum have an undeniable need to use data to unlock new sources of economic value but relatively few companies have invested sufficient time, money or people to do this right” said Dev Patel, CEO, BitYota. “We believe that data and analytics should be broadly accessible to everyone inside the company and it shouldn’t take a fortune…