Our vision is to make data and analytics accessible to all

About BitYota

BitYota was founded in late 2011 on the guiding principle that data is a critical asset for all companies. Today we need to identify problems as they happen to make critical business decisions frequently and quickly, driven by data. We are data geeks by nature. We have over 35 years of Big Data experience at Yahoo!, Oracle, Informix, Veritas/Symantec, BMC, Tibco, Twitter and Salesforce.

Our vision is to make data and analytics accessible to all. There’s a revolution underway and we’re taking sides. We want to create a data platform that enables everyone – from data scientists and engineers to SQL savvy analysts, business and product users, to understand their data, to build better products/services, and create new avenues of growth and productivity. Ultimately, we want us all to live in a better world.


Dev Patel

Dev PatelCEO Dev was VP at Yahoo! for six years managing several ad products and data systems. Dev was the former CEO of Whereonearth, the company Yahoo! bought in October 2005 for its geo targeting needs. Prior to Whereonearth he was in the Corporate & Business Development team at Racal Electronics, a major Telco and Defense conglomerate in the UK. Prior to the Corp Dev role, he was at Racal Labs and in academic research as a Research Fellow and PhD student.

Graham SummersCOO Graham is an entrepreneur with a proven track record of successfully leading high growth technology businesses. He was the founder and CEO of PCL, one of the UK’s leading technology services businesses as well as Chairman or CEO of several venture funded software businesses including Whereonearth, Mediasurface and weComm. He has been an investor in numerous software businesses and an advisor to a number of VC firms. He is a board member at BitYota responsible for all commercial aspects of the company including sales, business development, strategic alliances and channel partnerships.

Harmeek Singh Bedi

Harmeek Singh BediCTO Harmeek brings 15+ years of experience in building database technologies at Oracle, Informix/IBM. At Oracle he was a lead architect in the server technology group that implemented partitioning, parallel execution, storage management and SQL execution of the database server. Prior to BitYota, he spent 2+ years at Yahoo! working on Hadoop and Big Data problems. Harmeek holds 10+ patents in database technologies.

Poulomi Damany

Poulomi DamanyVP Product Poulomi brings 15+ years of Product Management Experience in Enterprise Data. Prior to BitYota, she led global product and engineering teams delivering Yahoo’s custom ad targeting, listings recommendations and branded experiences. Prior to Yahoo!, she ran Product Management teams for the High Availability & Disaster Recovery product lines at Symantec/Veritas.

Paresh GoswamiVP Engineering Paresh brings 12+ years of experience of building data technologies. Prior to BitYota he was at Yahoo! where he led the development of a user segmentation platform built on user click stream data. Prior to Yahoo! he spent 9+ years at BMC Software managing teams responsible for development of recovery solutions for major database products like DB2 UDB, Sybase, Informix and led development of new backup and recovery solution for DB2 UDB.


Globespan Capital Partners
Social Capital Partnership
Dawn Capital
Andreessen Horowitz
Crosslink Capital
WEBB Investment Network
Morado Venture Partners

And seasoned individuals including Maynard Webb, Jerry Yang, and Sharmila Mulligan.