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How SQL-on-JSON Analytics Bolstered a Business
Running Punchtab's multi-channel loyalty and engagement platform requires a lot of data. From an operational point of view, MongoDB, a document-based NoSQL database, was an excellent choice for hosting this workload, but analyzing the data was a challenge. Punchtab turned to BitYota's data warehouse in the cloud to load and analyze their JSON documents from MongoDB. BitYota's ability to use SQL directly over JSON was critical for PunchTab as they needed to allow their customers to query their own data. Asking their brand and agency clients to write MapReduce jobs was not an option.
sumall-icon applies SQL to MongoDB data to uncover social media trends
Despite a host of new big data innovations, including Hadoop, MapReduce and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, some familiar and trusted technologies hang on — one being SQL. That is because the job of uncovering important business patterns doesn’t become easier as companies collect data in more varied formats, especially if those new formats don’t have familiar SQL support.

Using BitYota’s Mongo Extract to get real-time, updated data for Analytics

Friday, July 25th – 11:00am PST / 1:00PM CST / 2:00PM EST Watch our webinar to learn how you use BitYota’s Open source Mongo Extract tool to get real-time, continuously updating data from your MongoDB into BitYota’s Data Warehouse Service (DWS) for complex, adhoc analytics using SQL over JSON. Register