On August 21, 2015, the BitYota data management platform and team of product development experts were acquired by LifeLock, Inc. LifeLock is a leading provider of identity protection services for consumers and consumer risk management services for enterprises.

BitYota provided the first ever MPP Data Warehouse Service designed and built from the ground up to deliver high performance computing using virtual machines in the public cloud. BitYota delivered numerous industry first innovations including native support for semi structured data formats such as JSON and the separation of compute and storage for independent scalability and optimized price & performance.

At LifeLock, the BitYota team will focus on developing new data based products for LifeLock consumers and enterprises.

The terms of the transaction included the return of all the capital invested by BitYota’s venture capital stakeholders plus additional sums for the acquisition & retention of the highly talented BitYota team.

We are delighted to be joining LifeLock. Our engineering experts will continue to build innovative data management products and services now in the rapidly expanding field of identity protection services.

The BitYota Data Warehouse Service will no longer be available on public clouds. It is our belief that first party Data Warehouse products and services sold by the public cloud vendors themselves will ultimately prevail largely for economic and marketing reasons.

BitYota’s team would like to thank all our customers, partners and investors for their loyal support.

The BitYota team.