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Orchestrating a Real-time Data Pipeline with BitYota
In his post “Solving the Challenge of Data Integration in Big Data Analytics”, Nilesh talked about using BitYota’s built-in Data Integration components to bring recurring data in on a schedule into…
Solving the Challenge of Data Integration in Big Data Analytics
Anyone who is in the business of  big data analytics will tell you that significant effort goes into setting up and managing the data pipelines to extract and integrate data from…

Using BitYota’s Mongo Extract to get real-time, updated data for Analytics

Friday, July 25th – 11:00am PST / 1:00PM CST / 2:00PM EST Watch our webinar to learn how you use BitYota’s Open source Mongo Extract tool to get real-time, continuously updating data from your MongoDB into BitYota’s Data Warehouse Service (DWS) for complex, adhoc analytics using SQL over JSON. Register