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Data Warehouse Analytics

Faster Time to Analytics on Multi-Structured Data

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Data Intelligence for Growth

Get fast analytics with the power of a data warehouse in the cloud

  • Simple Analytics

    Elegant Simplicity

    Load and explore multi-structured data in native format easily through BitYota’s clean, intuitive interface. Use the built-in data orchestration layer and workflow to guide you through data loading and discovery. Leverage industry-standard SQL to then analyze the loaded data.

  • Fast Analytics

    Accelerated Time to Analytics

    BitYota DWS ingests data faster. Load your data once, and there’s no need to ever reload. Simply restart the cluster and data is immediately available to analyze. Scale storage and compute separately to optimize price/performance.

  • Multi-Structured Data

    Analyze Multi-Structured Native Data

    Load and store semi-structured data in its native format, which saves you the time and effort of transforming it into structured data types and losing the richness of your source data.

  • AWS and Azure Data Warehouse

    Harness the Power of “On-Off” Computing

    The BitYota DWS architecture uses separate storage and compute nodes. Load data in the DWS once, and you never have to reload. Compute nodes can be added on the fly to speed performance and shut down when not in use.

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